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Font File Searching{query}+-inurl%3A%28htm%7Chtml%7Cphp%7Cpls%7Ctxt%29+intitle%3Aindex.of+%22last+modified%22+%28ttf%7Cotf%7Cdfont%29

Respect copyright and licensing for the Googled fonts!

Baseball Reference{query}

Yahoo Site Explorer Search for SEO;_ylt=A0oG7zaeVYpMEcUA_vJdhMkF?p={query}&y=Explore+URL&fr=sfp&bwm=i


simply a replacement for the default Google search that makes sure pages from experts-exchange aren\'t returned :-)

Google Play Store{query}

juris BMJ{query}

juris BMJ - Bundesministerium für Justiz und Verbraucherschutz [Zugriff auf alle Gesetzbücher]

Translate to Russian{query}

Google Now Reminder{query}

Google will recognise certain search queries as intent to create a Reminder in Google Now. This custom search will save you having to type 'remind me to' ^_^

Buscar en Filmaffinity{query}

Busca en la base de datos de Filmaffinity