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Custom searches page #38 by popularity | date

Today's NBA Scores from Yahoo! Sports

Not a search. Type in "scores" to be see the day's schedule and scores of NBA games.

Vim Wiki Search{query}&fulltext=0

Tineye Reverse Image Search{query}

Use this to perform a reverse image search on the image at a URL you enter.

Namecheap Domain Search{query}

Who is hosting this ?{query}

Use with domain name.

(via Whois hosting this)

Trailers{query}+trailer&aq=f - Usenet NZB files{query}&max=100&adv_age=900&server=

The "max" delimiter is the total number of files listed per page; the "adv_age" is how many days back you want the search to extend. You can change either.

Search ss64 OS X man pages{query}.html

Enter in a unix command (like "curl" or "ping") to see its man page.


Track FedEx shipment{query}

Based on UPS shipment custom search by @DeathMetalDave