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Custom searches page #37 by popularity | date

Who sampled Artist{query}

Colorado State Bills{query}

Search Python Documentation{query}&check_keywords=yes&area=default

Search ss64 OS X man pages{query}.html

Enter in a unix command (like "curl" or "ping") to see its man page.{query}

Convert currency (dollars to rand in this example){query}

This can easily be customized to any currency available on - just go to the site, identify the three letter abbreviations for your chosen currencies and substitute them in the URL.


Used to search erlang reference manual

Search Evernote Title


The title you type does not need to contain the complete title.

If there are spaces, use quotes: "my title"

Who is hosting this ?{query}

Use with domain name.

(via Whois hosting this)

Search Cydia{query}&f=nameanddescription